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  1. Cenotaph - Grey Color TShirts -Humanity Needs More Gore T-Shirt/Apparel $16 USD. Cenotaph Logo - Tshirt (white) T-Shirt/Apparel $16 USD. Cenotaph - Euro Tour Tshirt T-Shirt/Apparel $14 USD. Cenotaph - Euro Tour Tshirts (Red) T-Shirt/Apparel $
  2. Cenotaph. Profile: Mexican Death Metal band founded in as Damned Cross, renamed to Cenotaph in Split-up in Sites: MySpace, Facebook, Bookogs. Aliases: Damned Cross. Members: César.
  3. Apr 28,  · English: A cenotaph is a tomb or a monument erected in honour of a person, group of people, animals or groups of animals whose remains are elsewhere Polski: Cenotaf albo kenotaf – symboliczny grobowiec wznoszony w czasach starożytnych dla upamiętnienia zmarłego lub poległego poza granicami kraju oraz dla uczczenia bohaterów, np. w.
  4. Cenotaph, (from Greek kenotaphion, “empty tomb”), monument, sometimes in the form of a tomb, to a person who is buried elsewhere. Greek writings indicate that the ancients erected many cenotaphs, including one raised by the Athenians to the poet Euripides, though none of these survive. Such.
  5. Jan 01,  · Cenotaph, n. A tomb from which the body is absent, living elsewhere. The grave whose headstone bore the famous inscription, Here lies me two children dear One in ould Ireland, t'other one here. was a cenotaph, so far as regarded the "One in ould Ireland". , Percy Bysshe Shelley, The Cloud I am the daughter of Earth and Water.
  6. cenotaph definition: a monument or empty tomb honoring a person or persons whose remains are elsewhereOrigin of cenotaphFrench cénotaphe from Classical Latin cenotaphium from Classical Greek kenotaphion from kenos, empty + taphos, tomb.
  7. The Cenotaph positioned on Whitehall in London has become the central focus for the remembrance and commemoration events in Britain since the First World War – however it was never intended to be permanent. Cenotaph means 'empty tomb'. It symbolises the unprecedented losses suffered during the First World War and is dedicated to 'The Glorious Dead'.
  8. The Cenotaph is a war memorial that honours the brave men who died during World Wars I and II. Sitting amid the lush Esplanade Park along Connaught Drive, this towering monument—nearly feet high and made from local granite—is in a quiet spot in the Central Business District, away from the buzz of neighbouring streets.
  9. Define cenotaph. cenotaph synonyms, cenotaph pronunciation, cenotaph translation, English dictionary definition of cenotaph. n. A monument erected in honor of a dead person whose remains lie elsewhere. cen′o·taph′ic adj. n a monument honouring a dead person or persons buried.

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